Code of Professional Ethics

1- Common Professional Obligations

Act and take responsibility in any behaviors, work and relations related to their profession aligned with the highest level of ethical values.

Learn, track and follow the laws, rules and standards concerning their profession.

Share their professional knowledge, skills and experiences without harm to personal and corporate interests.

Pay attention to the confidentiality and protection of confidential information regarding individuals and organizations.

Comply with obligations, agreements and undertakings they are bound with.

Avoid engaging in collaboration with persons and organization who they suspect to have involved in corruptions or dishonorable affairs.


2- Social Obligations

Never consider their own interests or the interest of their customers above the benefit of society. Give unbiased and honest declarations to the public.

Contribute to building awareness necessary for the enlightenment of society about the woodworking machinery and side industries, woodworking technologies as well as the results to arise therefrom.


3- Obligations Related To Products and Services

Work to maximize the quality, productivity and effectiveness of the product and production process for which service is provided.

Ensure clear establishment of requirements of users and those to be affected by the system in identification and design of technological needs related to woodworking machines.

Consider the reviews, inspections and tests conducted during product development and production process and act in a helpful and positive manner.


4- Obligations Related To Coworkers and Colleagues

Helps professional development of their coworkers and colleagues and encourage and support them to observe the Professional Ethics rules.

Never stay indifferent to the opinions, concerns and complaints of their coworkers and colleagues.

Never give damage to their coworkers by criticizing or blaming them for unreal reasons in order to progress in their professional life.

Demonstrate the necessary respect, importance and attention for the products and intellectual work resulting from the work and efforts of their coworkers.

Avoid examining, using or developing work of their coworkers for their own benefits without permission. Indicate their resource in case they use the same in any way whatsoever.

Show respect to all work and products, whether academic or professional, even though no legal rights pertaining thereto has been obtained with respect to patent or copying.

Give correct information when they are asked about their coworkers and avoid disclosing confidential information not related to business.

Show respect to the private lives, reputation and personal rights of their coworkers.

Work by observing the equal competition principles against their coworkers under free market conditions. Avoid showing efforts for monopolies or trustification which may result in unjust competition by using economic power themselves or as a group.


5- Customer Related Obligations

Always act in a reliable and honest manner in their professional relations with their customers.

Avoid using their political circles, close ties and personal relations or economic power when making engagements or fulfilling their obligations and avoid working to attain an unfair benefit or superiority.

Fulfill every option, promise or commitment given to customers.


6- Responsibilities Regarding Such Rules

Each AIMSAD member adopts the Professional Principles and Ethical Rules of Association of Woodworking Machinery and Sub Industries Businessmen (AIMSAD) and pays efforts to promote the same.

Takes initiative against persons and organizations who violate or ignore these principles and in case they are determined to have committed breach of such rules, they accept in advance that they will comply with the sanctions to be stipulated by the authorized committees of AIMSAD.

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