Letter From The AİMSAD

Letter From The AİMSAD

Esteemed Sector Stakeholders,


Prior to beginning to write my article, I wish God' s compassion to all our martyrs who laid down their lives for the unity and Integrity of our native country, I wish patience to their relatives and wish to our veteran soldiers quick recovery.


I want to convey a happy message to you which I received In short time ago. Due to the valuable attempts of AİMSAD  and   REED TÜYAP,  Ministry of Trade   took the Woodworking Machine Fair Into Its scope of support. Accordingly, producer companies which attend the Woodworking Machine Fair shall be able to receive a support up to  30 thousand TL  for site rentals and stand decoration costs.  On the other hand, Importers and traders shall be able to utilize domestic fair attendance support within the scope of Small and Medium Industry Development Organization General Support Program. Small and Medium Industry Development Organization makes payment up to 12 thousand TL for Woodworking Machine Fair.


Furthermore, we agreed with the organizer company for  2020 ı Xylexpo Fair. Thus, AİMSAD Is now acting as the  Turkish representation agency of  2020 Xylexpo Fair.  Besides these fairs, we have been also attempting for other fairs.


Our meetings with our members are still continuing.  Recently we made oa meeting In Bursa.  In August we will meet In Ankara  and we will meet In İzmir In September  and In İstanbul In October with our members therein  and will make exchange of opinions about the works of our association  and our new projects.


 As AİMSAD, we have been making contracts with various enterprises to provide special advantages to our members. Within this context, primarily, we provided our members a discounted accommodation opportunity before the ACCOR Group which has various hotels In Turkey.  As regards the  CE certification and periodical control of  equipments, we agreed with  INSPECCO company, a specialist company within Its field of activity,  and provided a serious amount of discount to our members. Besides, we agreed with Pusula İletişim Company for corporate  e-mail  and mass e- mail correspondence. WE are aiming to continue these cooperative works with some services such as  car rental, cargo transportation.


Prior to my  last sentences,  I wish to give Information to you about our sector's 5 month statistics for the year 2018.

When we compare  the first 5 months of 2018  with the same period of the previous year; It Is hereby seen that; our exports Increased by 12,6  percent  and realized as  40 million dollars, whereas our Imports  Increased by  46  percent and realized as 35 million dollars. On the other hand our production Increased by 21  percent and reached 109 million dollar  and our domestic sales  recorded a n Increase by 33  percent and recorded 104 million dollar. Our sector has not given current deficit within the last 2 years  and according to the data of the first 5 months, the sector has a trade balance surplus of  5 million dollars . I hope  we will also complete 2018 without giving a current deficit.


Best regards,

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