Letter From The President

Letter From The  President

Dear Sectorial Stakeholders,


Woodworking Machinery and Side Industries Association (AIMSAD) of Turkey, founded on June 6th, 2014 in Istanbul,  made a great start as a very young non-governmental organization and reached to a number of 43 member companies by April 2015. Ensuring the unity of the sector and identifying the sector with reliable statistics are among the main objectives of AIMSAD.

Considering 2014 data of Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK), we may say that the woodworking machinery and side industries prove to be promising dynamic sectors with the increasing number of companies over 500 and employing more than 10,000 people with 1 billion Turkish Lira revenue and 95 million dollar export volume.  

In this context, AIMSAD has various plans for creating international brands. For example, we are currently drafting an “International Competition Development Project” in order to gather together member companies and improve their competitive power in the international arena. This project aims to support the joint actions and operations of our companies regarding export with the cooperation of certain consultancy firms and under the leadership of Turkish Ministry of Economy.

The Project includes elements like clustering, needs analysis, trainings, marketing operations and business trips. We aim to support the institutionalization, organization and brandization of our member companies as well as their export operations in very short time.

In addition to these, improvement in education is also required since human resources cannot be set apart from the manufacturing sector. For example, paving the way for vocational high schools instead of increasing the number of classical high schools at the level of secondary education institutes for fulfilling the qualified technical staff need of the industry, expanding their fields and transforming the youth from consumers to producers, are our lofty aims. Another point is that, for the unqualified young people who could not get into colleges, should be subjected to appropriate additional trainings in courses of both trade and industry chambers, associations and similar non-governmental organizations. Furthermore, they should be definitely supported in finding jobs.

Here, it should be noted that, AIMSAD has the goal to establish a Technical Vocational Training Center in medium term.

Even though 2015 is an election year, we expect a growth of approximately 15 % in our sector just like we had in 2014. If important steps can be taken regarding the above mentioned points in line with the 2023 targets of Turkey, a significant improvement would be possible for our sector.

On behalf of AIMSAD, I invite all sectorial companies to become a member and request all stakeholders to accept the assurance of my highest consideration.



Mustafa S. EROL

AIMSAD President

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