Letter From The President

Letter From The  President

Dear Industry Stakeholders,


I believe that Woodworking Machinery and Side Industries Businessmen Association of Turkey (AIMSAD) that was founded on June 6, 2014 had successful operations and great achievements in these three years despite of being a very young association. Our fair participations continue at full speed with public relations, domestic and overseas representations.

Within this scope, AIMSAD that reached a total member figure of 59 as of May 2017 is a member of European Federation of Woodworking Machinery Manufacturers (EUMABOIS) since September 2014, Machinery Industry Platform (MSSP) since March 2015, Forestry, Paper and Furniture Industry Technical Committee of Turkish Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology (ORKAMOTEK) since August 2015, Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing Council of Turkish Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges (TOBB) since March 2016, and Machinery Technical Committee (MAKTEK) of Turkish Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology since February 2017. AIMSAD, also, follows the operations of Turkish Federation of Machinery Manufacturing Industry Associations (MAKFED) closely as an observer member since March 2016, and waits to complete its three years for full membership.

Another important move that is made by AIMSAD in both national and international sense is to lead the establishment of and chairing the Woodworking Machinery Mirror Committee to Turkish Standards Institution (TSE). This committee contributes to all global and EU standards regarding woodworking machinery and especially CEN and ISO while they were only at the draft phase by sharing its comments on behalf of Turkey.

On the other hand, we had launched Magazine AIMSAD that is published and distributed bimonthly as of 2015 as 4000 prints per issue, and supported the Woodworking Machinery Fair of REED TÜYAP and IZWOOD Fair of TÜYAP as their main sponsors.

I would like to inform you also about our industry report that you will see in detail on the following pages of our catalog.  Based on the 2016 data of Turkish Statistical Institute (TÜIK), our export is recorded as 70 million USD and import as 74 million USD. And AIMSAD estimates our production approximately as 177 million USD.

Per product group, 20 million USD of this export comes from Sizing Machines, 19 million USD from other machinery including Turning and CNC Machines, and 10 million USD from Planing and Milling Machines.

And when we look at the countries that we export our products to, we see that we export 5.6 million USD worth machines to Algeria, 4.1 million USD to Iran and 3.5 million USD to Iraq. Other countries that we export to are Bulgaria, Uzbekistan, Romania, Ukraine, Italy, Spain and Saudi Arabia.

There had been an increase in all the woodworking machinery and side industry figures compared to 2015. And we aim to exceed these figures of 2016 at the end of 2017. For this purpose, we will fulfill our role as AIMSAD, and participate to overseas fairs to represent our country, our industry and our members. Similarly, we cooperate with both the domestic and overseas equivalent associations, join many organizations and platforms for common interests, represent Turkey in such platforms, and make various moves by taking active roles in all such environments.

In this sense, I am proud to say that we compensated the time that we had lost while trying to build an association with our speed, hard work and determination. I, once again, underline that we are always open to and ready for all types of cooperation with equivalent associations and industry stakeholders either domestic or foreign.

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