The formula for increasing the international competitive power is the EU funds and governmental supports ...

The formula for increasing the international competitive power is the EU funds  and governmental supports ...

Machine, besides  being the most powerful and biggest wheels of the manufacture Industry In Turkey,  Is one of the leading sector In which the change and development never stops. Manufacturing sectors are one of the most Important Indicators of the development levels of the countries and on the other hand, machine manufacturing Investments take place among the most strategic Investments. 
The share of the machine manufacturing sector In Turkey of which the large part of It consists of SMEs Is around 5,14 percent whereas Its rate In  all total Investments Is around 2 percent.  On the other hand, the rate of manufacturing Investments with higher technology based on machines Is 1,5 percent and It Is quite low.  The objective of providing 100 billion dollars as a 20 percent share which Is specified for the machine manufacturing sector hereby takes within 2023 exports targets; and this makes that the Increase of  higher technology, Innovative products production  and Research and Development  and Innovation Investments are brought to the agenda  one more time. 
Based on this fact, It Is Important that the companies within machine Imports sector should make new and Innovative Investments, besides these Investments should be supported.  The companies within the Turkish machine sector have the opportunity to provide supports from two different channels In order to compete with foreign companies  and technologies In national  and  International market. One of them consists of the governmental aids provided In the natonal market by the Ministry of Trade, Small and Medium Industry Development Organization, Ministry of Industry and Technology   and TÜBİTAK/ Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey. On the other hand, aid programs provided by EU are ready to be used by the machine manufacturers.

Machines which need Investment  and which will create  Import substitution
New Incentives which have been Introduced by the government for the machine sector In recent times Increased the machine manufacturer's Interest towards the supports. Turkey Is one of the most advantageous countries for the aids In the world. There exist no other country which Is provided governmental aids like Turkey. This Introduces various opportunities to the Turkish machine sector to develop the machine and technology,  to make market oriented  strategic Investments, to assess the supports  and to accomplish cooperation for getting Into foreign markets 
The most required Investment by the Turkish machine sector Is that the machines which would create Import substitution should be developed and sold In Turkey.  Machine Imports In terms of national economy Is one of the leading Items which Increases the current deficit and leads external dependence. The most part of Turkish machine sector consists of Imported machines and domestic companies should compete with foreign machines In the domestic market first rather than foreign markets. 

To decrease the costs and  to make Investment by governmental aids Is easier
Besides all,  the requested level and performance has not been able to be enabled for the  development of machinery and equipment In machine sector. Success In this field requires various Investments. Machine, computer, employment of qualified  personnel such as electronic engineers Is a factor which provides positive contribution. At the same time, academic consultancy should be received   and a collaboration Is required to be made with the university. 
If required, cooperation should be made with different companies and production development shall be necessary.  They should make researches on receiving patents In International arena, they should establish Research and Development center  and they should Implement the Innovations In these centers .
For  the sake of fulfilling these Innovations, There are various  grants provided to the machine sector by the government. Receiving patent  for a product which will be produced In Turkey for the first time Is available, furthermore the government provides research and development  and Investment Incentives for the development of a machine which Is brought from abroad.  By using the governmental Incentives It Is possible to decrease the costs by one fifth which are sourced from personnel, Infrastructure, material  and technology requirements for making an Investment for a machine. Government provides  research and development support for SMEs from 60 percent up to 75 percent. There are also some Incentives provided by a rate of 100 percent,  on the other hand, grants are also available with a  rate of 75-80 percent. Authorities who are providing  consultancy service about the governmental aids emphasize that Turkish machine sector  should assess these opportunities well and they should development products so as to be capable of competing In the national- International arena. Authorities note that the companies should take these supports serious and should utilize them, furthermore their efforts In this respect will bring fruitful results as well.  

Compete with EU’s grant and programs In the International arena

Turkish machine sector which Is aiming at making new Investments shall be supplied EU grants  and programs besides governmental assistances. EU funds, only a few part has been applied  and used,  enable the  Turkish  manufacturing companies to design their  raw Ideas and convert Into a product  and later on enable them to Introduce these products Into the market.   EU program grants are funding the works and Investments which will be made for developing future technologies,  for constituting know how and  for being capable of competing In the international arena. 
 With EU aid and programs, Turkish machine manufacturers have the opportunity to take place within the same project together with the major European enterprises and to acquire same level of technology.Acquiring the capability of developing  technologies with International standards  and entitled to possess the patent of that technology  and to be a part of that Intellectual property, Turkish companies Is capable to utilize all programs at same level  with European enterprises. Applying to relevant programs with a conscious approach, Turkish machine manufacturers are able to  be partner In same projects with their rivals  and are able to  develop RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT  and know how.  In one sense, due to these programs, German machine manufacturer and Turkish machine manufacturer  can develop RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT together  and they can produce the technology In cooperation. 
It not Is not adequate to  act nationally and to have a national vision In order to compete at International level. At this point, EU  funds Introduce great opportunity  to various machine  manufacturing and exporter company to develop the technology by their own.  For being an Institution which has intellectual property rights and patent In International field, EU funds provide big opportunity. .

It Is possible to reach the same standards with Europe through the supports
Undoubtedly, It Is a must to produce European standard- machines to be capable of exporting machine to Europe.  It Is not adequate to receive CE Certificate right now for achieving this. To be capable of reaching European standard,  primarily, Research and Development should be maintained. Attendance into EU programs provide Turkish companies to be EU origin company status  and to  reach  Innovative Information under  equal conditions. Being a company with European company status Is not a short process. Companies should develop their capacities, open their Ideas, communicate, travel, design and cooperate, for achieving this. 
Experts suggest that the Turkish machine manufacturers who wish to Increase Its competitive power should examine EU funds  and governmental assistances  and to make an application later on. They are making a call ; “ use the supports In order to reach the same level with  German, Italian  machine companies, to reach their standard  and to have same competitive power". Besides, authorities emphasize that Turkey should establish Its own national technology platform.

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