Ministry of Trade took İstanbul Woodworking Machine Fair Into the scope of support

Ministry of Trade took  İstanbul Woodworking Machine Fair Into the scope of support

Upon the assistance of AİMSAD enterprises and REED TÜYAP Fair Organization, attempts which have been continuing since December 2017 for taking  İstanbul Woodworking Machine Fair Into the scope of support ended with fruitful results. AİMSAD had contacted the Ministry of Trade In 2017 for enabling the Woodworking Machine Fair  and other machine fairs to be taken Intot he scope of support. As a result of these contacts, AİMSAD was promised for a change In the applicable legislation. Therefore, due to the amended legislation by the Ministry, machine fairs were able to be taken Into the scope of support .

The producer companies which are included In the fair list which Is announced by the Ministry of Trade by the end of the year and In the middle of the year may provide support by virtue of the Governmental Assistance for Exports, provided that f50 percent of them should not exceed  30 thousand TL. This support Includes the rental of the place  and stand expenses.  As long  as the Fair takes place within the scope of this support, the amount of the assistance Is being updated In the beginning of each year In the ration of  (CONSUMER PRICE INDEX + Yİ-PRODUCER PRICE INDEX /2). All Information and documents regarding the supports within the scope of the decision are required to be delivered  to Central Anatolia Exporters Union General Secretariat by the organizer  and/or participant within three months latest as of the domestic fair expiry date. Provided to make relevant application within three months latest as of the domestic fair  completion date, extension may be provided provided that lacking Information and documents should be completed,  and this extended period Is determined by the Ministry.  Besides, In the relevant legislation It Is stated that;  the applications which are not made within three months latest as of the fair completion date shall not be assessed.

Number of visitors Increased  by 25 percent within  5 years.   
 İstanbul Woodworking Machine Fair, the first and unique fair of our sector, Is hereby held upon the support of  AİMSAD and under the organization of  REED TÜYAP Fuarcılık A.Ş., simultaneously  with Intermob-Furniture Accessories Fair. In 2017, the total number of visitors to Woodworking Machine  and Intermob fairs reached  74 thousand 889 by an Increase of 25 percent within last 5 years. 842 companies  from 34 different countries attended the fair with a great Interest attached from abroad and these companies found the opportunity to resent their products to the visitors during 5  days. In 2017, 65 thousand 921 domestic visitors  and  9 thousand 868 foreign visitors attended the fair. When the fields of activity  of the visitors are examined, It is hereby found that; 66 percent of them  are producer, 8 percent of them are Importers, 7 percent of them are distributors  and 6 percent are exporters.

Woodworking Machine Fair which will be held for 31 times In 2018 shall host Its visitors at İstanbul TÜYAP Fair  and Convention Center between  13-17 October 2018.

Based on the Monetary Loan and Coordination Committee’s decision on the "Support of Sectoral  International Domestic Fairs", Ministry of Trade has been  providing assistance to domestic fairs  up to 30 thousand TL  within the scope of specific criteria  since  2016. However, according to the criteria Included In the primary legislation which had been explained In 2016, machine fairs were unable to receive aid In this respect. For enabling the woodworking machine fair  and other fairs to be taken Into the scope of the support, AİMSAD had first contacted the Ministry In December 2017   and showed great attempt to make the legislation amended by the Ministry. Accordingly, the relevant legislation was renewed by the Ministry   and machine fairs were enabled to be taken Into the scope of these supports.  

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